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Monday, 1 January 2001

Comments Policy

The comments on this blog are moderated. This means that I approve them before they become visible. Before you complain about an Orwellian police state, etc. etc., my policy is that all comments will be posted unless they:

* Contain excessive bad language.
* Are hugely offensive to anyone including me and other local or national politicians.
* Are moderately offensive to anyone other than me and other local or national politicians.
* Name individuals who are unconnected with the original blog post.
* Are off topic or untrue.
* Are link fodder to your own website/blog with no useful comment made.
* Are made through a proxy/cloaking service.
* Are obvious Astroturfing, or repeated postings under different pseudonyms.

It has nothing to do with whether I agree with your point or not. Comments are infrequently moderated, so please don't expect them to be posted immediately. If something breaks these rules but is highly funny or entertaining then it's still likely to get posted. It's all a bit of common sense really.

Anonymous/pseudonym comments have these rules applied more tightly. If you're too much of a chicken to stand up under your own name and be counted then I'm not entirely sure I'm interested in what you have to say.

If you have been named in a comment or you believe a comment to be inappropriate, please contact me by email or phone and I will deal with the issue promptly.


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